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"Songs of Pain" Collector's Edition - Dual LP (Aqua Vinyl)

"Songs of Pain" Collector's Edition - Dual LP (Aqua Vinyl)

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"Songs of Pain" Collector's Edition Exclusive AQUA vinyl Dual LP!

Originally recorded and released on cassette, this debut masterpiece has been remastered for the first time EVER on stand-alone vinyl! Includes 8 never-released songs.

Includes a twelve-page art and lyric book!!


  1. Grievances 
  2. A Little Story
  3. Joy Without Pleasure 
  4. Never Relaxed 
  5. Brainwash 
  6. Pothead
  7. Wicked World


  1. Lazy
  2. I Save Cigarette Butts
  3. Like A Monkey In a Zoo
  4. Wicked Will
  5. An Idiot's End 
  6. Wild West Virginia 


  1. Since I Lost My Tooth
  2. Urge 
  3. Living Life
  4. Tuna Ketchup
  5. Pre-marital Sex
  6. Don't Act Nice
  7. Hate Song 

SIDE D (Previously Unreleased Tracks) 

  1. Lead Belly Was an Outlaw
  2. I Love You (I'd Like to Read You Some Poetry)
  3. Why Don't You Love Me True
  4. I'm a Rambling Kinda Guy
  5. Sleepy Lagoon
  6. Natalie Queen of Weirton
  7. Golly Gee
  8. You Need a Reason
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