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For questions on orders, availability or issues with your shipment or purchase, please email


What countries do you ship to?

We ship to almost all countries. If you do not find your country in the list of countries during CHECKOUT, please contact us.

Why won't my credit card go through?

If you experience problems processing your credit card, or receive the message "Unknown Error", please contact us and we can help with payment issues. It's often the result of the billing address not matching the card, or something similar.

How can I pay for my order?

During the CHECKOUT process, you will have the option to pay by Credit Card, Paypal, or mail (post) your payment.

Payments by mail should be payable to DANIEL JOHNSTON or The mailing address is:
6117 Magnolia
Katy, Texas 77493

U.S. payments by mail may be personal checks or money orders in U.S. currency. (We do not accept wire transfers, sorry)

International payments by mail must be MONEY ORDERS in U.S. currency on a U.S. bank. You can buy INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS at your post office.

Credit card charges will appear on your credit card bill as HIHOWAREYOU or HIHOWAREYOU COM. Currency conversion to U.S. dollars is handled automatically.

How long does it take to ship an order?

Orders are generally shipped within one business days from the day the payment is received. This time to ship might take longer, but not typically.   If there is a delay, it may be fore one of the following reasons:

  1. Custom t-shirts - these are generally made as the orders come in but usually don't delay an order more than one day, if at all.
  2. Art Orders - we have certificates with each art purchase which must be signed, but again, there is typically no delay.
  3. Back Ordered items - some items can go fast, and orders can be delayed if we run out of something. We try to order new product so this doesn't happen, but not everything is predictable.

From the date of shipment, shipping times are as follows:   

  • U.S. First Class Mail: 2 - 5 days (1 day in Texas)
  • U.S. Priority Mail: 2-3 days (1 day in Texas)
  • Canada International Air Mail: 2-10 days**
  • Canada International Global Priority 2-6 days**
  • Overseas International Air Mail: 10 - 20 business days**
  • Overseas International Global Priority: 6 - 14 business days **.(**

On rare occasions, International shipments can be delayed up to 21 days for reasons that aren't clear to us. This is unusual, but it happens). Generally, U.S. orders under 13 oz are shipped First Class Mail with delivery
confirmation, and all others Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

Art is shipped Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. On orders < 13 oz that have shipping charges over $5 will be shipped Priority Mail. 

Express Mail (next day service) if available, is an option for a fee during checkout. Generally, International orders are shipped USPS Priority International Mail. If available, Global Priority can be
selected on all orders for an additional fee during checkout.

What about exchanges, returns or cancellations?

For more information on our policy, click here.

I keep getting a "Gateway Declined" or "Processor Declined" error message?

We apologize for this. There are many reasons that you may be receiving this error message. Some if them are:

  1. The billing address you provided does not match what the credit processor is expecting or has on file. --
    (This is the most common reason) You might try changing the address or
    telephone number to what might be better expected (ie: "1234 Jones Road
    Apartment 31 A" to "1234 Jones Rd Apt 31A") The address often has to be
    almost exactly as it appears on your credit card bill.
  2. Only part of your address matched. -- Some banks are more picky than others about the billing address.
  3. The credit card information is incorrect. -- (Second most common problem) Please make sure you entered your name, card number and CVV number in correctly.
  4. You are using a gift card.   (see below)

If you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact us.

I'm using a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card (Check Card)? 

We apologize for this. Because our credit processor requires a billing address to match the billing address of a credit card, this presents a problem with gift cards, since there is no billing address for them.

Because of this they are automatically refused, and the "pending charge" can take a while to disappear.

If this has happened to you,
please call the number on the back of the card, and ask for the information from them for us to contact them about releasing the charge since it will never go through (and your card will not be charged).

What are your shipping costs?

Hmmm.   That's a hard one!   We use Shopify services to calculate the shipping charges based on your SHIPPING ADDRESS and WEIGHT.   In some cases the weight of special packaging if required. 

Why are there charges on my credit card that shouldn't be there?

This most commonly happens when you get a "gateway declined" or "processor declined" error message during checkout. You will see "pending transactions" on your online banking.

Don't worry though! Your card has NOT been charged and no funds will be taken from your account. This is simply an indication that we tried to charge your card but failed.

The "pending transaction" will drop off in a few days time. (Usually within 48 hours, but sometimes up to a week) If you
have any other questions about this, please contact us.