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New Cumberland EyeBall Band's Greatest Zits

New Cumberland EyeBall Band's Greatest Zits

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We found an album of songs that Daniel recorded in late 1979 and into 1980 mostly due to encouragement by his great pals, Dale Dudgeon, and Ron Harris. We hope you love it!

Track Listing - Side A

  1. I’m Lazy
  2. Don’t Trust Anybody
  3. Bargain
  4. Grievances
  5. There Going To Have A War
  6. Super Person
  7. I Get Depressed
  8. Artificial Smiles
  9. Another Beautiful Moment
  10. 1Attractive
  11. One Step Closer
  12. Alligator Eyes
  13. Like a Rose
  14. This Is a Living Hell
  15. Grievances – Acapella

Track Listing - Side B

  1. I Love Her Like a Hot Potato (Molly)
  2. Soho (Don’t Look at Me)
  3. Alone In Your Heart
  4. The Girl I Left Behind
  5. Paperback Novels
  6. This Is Life (Living Life)
  7. Have a Happy Today
  8. Without You
  9. Bury Me With My Piano
  10. Pre Marital Sex
  11. This
  12. Fantasy Under Control
  13. You Left Me Hanging On A Cliff
  14. A Picture of You
  15. Piece of Mind (Your Peace of Mind)
  16. Wig-Wam (Sitting in Your Wig-Wam)
  17. In Some Foreign Country I’m Sure
  18. Since I Lost My Tooth
  19. Wild West Virginia
  20. Fart (Lude)
  21. I’ll Never Marry (This Ain’t Marlboro Country)
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