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Hyperjinx Tricycle CD

Hyperjinx Tricycle CD

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A 2002 compilation consisting of various songs by Daniel Johnston, NYC Painter Ron English, and Jack Medicine. Three of the songs are written by Daniel, those and several others performed by Daniel - including "Happy Springfield" which was done for Matt Groening.

Release Date: 2002
Label: Important Records, Propoganda
Formats: CD
Studio/Live: Studio

Tracks 1, 6, and 8 are Daniel Johnston originals:

Full Track Listing and Daniel's role on each:

1. Face Your Doom (Johnston)
Daniel: Lead Vocals/Guitar

2. Starship (English/Medicine)
Daniel: Backup Vocals

3. Reality (English/Nyqwill)

4. Greg the Bunny (English/Medicine)
Daniel: Lead Vocals

5. U.F.O. (English/Medicine)
Daniel: Spoker Word

6. Keep Your Feelings to Yourself (Johnston/Eef Barzelay)

7. Wasted Life (Johnston)
Daniel: Lead Vocals, Organ

8. Happy Springfield (Johnston/English)
Daniel: Lead Vocals

9. Slice of Life (Johnston/English/Medicine)

10. Road to Heaven (English/Geary)

11. Disney Movie (English)
Daniel: Lead Vocals

12. Merry Christmas Oblio (Johnston)
Daniel: Lead Vocals

13. Seasons in the Sun (Rod McKyen)
Daniel: Lead Vocals

14. Keep Your Feelings to Yourself (acoustic) [bonus track, not named]
Daniel: Lead Vocals

15. Reality (acoustic) [bonus track, not named]
Daniel: Lead Vocals

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