First Time Art Buyer Discount

Daniel was both pleased and unhappy about the rising art prices. He was happy that his art is valuable, but not happy that regular fans often couldn't get hold of his art.

We MUST price all the art at market pricing or savvy collectors buy all the stock.

Daniel set the president that we offer a DISCOUNT to first time buyers, hoping this will make it possible for you to buy at least one piece of art.

So if you've never bought art before from or, you can request a DISCOUNT CODE by sending an email to asking for the FIRST TIME ART BUYER DISCOUNT CODE.

When you do, you will receive instructions to get a 20% discount on an original art piece. The code is valid only once and can be used for up to six months after it is issued.

And - yes! If you've already bought art, but didn't get a discount on your first piece, you can ask for a discount on another piece of art.

If you have any other question about art or discounting, please contact .