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FULL ALBUM (26 tracks)

A 2004 compilation of OLD never-before-published jewels from the Daniel Johnston cassette archive. A MUST addition for collectors and fans.

2004 Eternal Yip Eye Music

01 Philosophy 101
02 Every Day
03 When We All Become Famous In The Sky
04 Artificial Smiles
05 Story To Tell
06 Rejected
07 Life Is Full Of Joy
08 In The Palm
09 In A Lifetime
10 I'm Just A Fool For You
11 Give Me Your Hand
12 Dear Abby
13 Boogie
14 Terminal Romance
15 You Are The One
16 Super Person
17 Spirit World Rising
18 Tears, Stupid Tears
19 The End Is Near
20 Careless Soul
21 Piano Interlude
22 I Wish I Were Black
23 Closer To The Truth
24 Holy, Holy, Holy
25 Do It Right
26 White Magic

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